Here are the sites within our ring:

  • Defender of Mobius: A Sonic webcomic.
  • Web-Site-Ring: Lists a site and bible verse daily.
  • wizcat.: wiznet. [URL changed?]
  • Misty's World: A 90s style website with a page dedicated to a certain Pokemon. [Widget missing from page.]
  • Tails's Site: Sonic shrine, video game stuff, and more! [Purged]
  • yoshi295295: A simple 90's 2000's styled webcorner. [Widget missing from page.]
  • PUMP: You know those cancelled Valve games? We're bringing them back to the best of our abilities.
  • BUBSKRILLER Zorgbravle: The Joy of HTML with Babstiller [Widget missing from page.]
  • Shorty Corner: A 90's-style website. [URL changed?]
  • NeoPurple: A website dedicated to the color purple, and a tribute site to
  • Página de Charlie Martínez: Music, animations, texts, poetry and programming. In Spanish.
  • My Online Pity Party: A personal site with tons of content for The Sims.
  • Dream Balcony: A fansite and tribute for the cult classic 'Yume Nikki'.

Any sites that need their URLs updated, or are missing a widget, have been removed.

If you owned one of those sites, please email me, and I'll assist you in getting it back. If the widget is gone, add it again. If the site is down, let me know if you've deleted or moved.