I'm Tomo, and I really, really love Touhou Project. So I made a site dedicated to it.

On this site, you'll find a lot of cool stuff.

Girls do their best now and are preparing.

Please watch warmly until it is ready.

This site is under construction.

Touhou is a really good game, and if you somehow have yet to, you should go play it right now.
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What justifies hosting this on the same domain as your Sonic fansite?

Think about it, man. Touhou is just Sonic but not shitty.

Where can I buy the games?

In the old days, people had to download the games since they weren't sold to players outside of Japan. But now you can buy the games on online weebshit stores, or even on Amazon! Newer games seem to be releasing on Steam as well now, though.
Um, if you're looking for physical copies of the PC-98 games for your PC-9800... good luck. Those are rare as all hell, I think SoEW sold for $1000+ (converted from JPY to USD) once on a Japanese auction site.

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